Save Money & Give Your Users Instant Gratification

For Large Publishers

The cost of video delivery is expensive, especially in HD, and lowering the cost during video discovery and selection while improving the user experience is our value proposition to you. Users peruse videos to find video(s) to consume fully. They don’t like the time it takes to click, wait, watch for a few moments, to then realize they are not interested, and go back to peruse more.  How much bandwidth is wasted from perusal? What if you could offer an instant preview option to your users that also reduces the cost of perusal? We have it – with the Videobar’s ability to offer instant preview clips to either entice a user to consume your full video or to continue looking, using a lower cost method to discover more, and instantly.


Contact us to learn how your entire video library can be injected into the Videobar in any style you choose. You will always have control of your content as it will still reside on your servers/CDN and you can still do the transcoding to our specs. What we offer is our patented, automated solution that turns  your image thumbnails into live preview clips inline.

Give Your Users Instant Video Discovery!

For Small/Medium Business

Small/medium businesses can use our DIY tools to add it to their website as well.  Create an account, upload your video(s) and create your Videobar.  We also make it easy by offering a Wordpress Plugin as well.