Video Game Guide w/ Dynamic Video Search

The Video Game Guide was created to make it faster and easier for users to browse game trailers to determine which ones are worth investigating further. Now that there are so many videos to choose from, users need a faster way to say yes to a click thru or no, within 8-10 seconds.  That is what Invent Squared’s video game guide offers, leveraging InstaVid’s Dynamic Video Thumbnail Platform.

I Am On Location

I Am On Location provides newsrooms with a real-time clip feed of video captured on location during an unfolding event, by a crowd-sourced, vetted and trained team of videographers. The Company’s proprietary software syndicates videographer-uploaded content directly into a clip feed for real-time consumption in newsrooms. The business model supplies every newsroom with a free feed and monthly billing is based upon actual downloads.

DIY Guide

Websites that have a few videos to showcase in a small space can create their own video thumbnails that play with roll-over or a tap on mobile, to drive more users to watch the full video.  Static thumbnails are not enough anymore now that GIFs and rotated images play in the image thumbnail space; with InstaVid, a real video plays in the thumbnail’s place to quickly inform a user what the video is about.

Movie & TV One-Touch Guide

One-Touch Guide for Movie and TV Trailers was created to turn image thumbnails representing a video to an actual video playing so that users could jump one to the next to avoid wasting clicks and time on content they are not interested in.  With over 100,000 trailers to browse no user is interested in watching them all and celebrates the option to cherry-pick their viewing experience, supplied by InstaVid’s Dynamic Video Thumbnail Platform.

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