Dynamic Thumbnail Generator

Click on the Asset Library tab first. Filling your library first allows our servers time to optimize your video(s) before you start building your dynamic video thumbnail collections (dynamic thumb(s)).

If you are going to use YouTube video links then skip this step.

Upload your video(s) and custom thumbnail(s) (optional).  Continue uploading until you have included all the videos you plan to generate dynamic thumbs for. Be sure to name your videos and thumbnails so you can easily identify them.

After you have uploaded your content, select the Create Tab. You then select a dynamic thumb style based upon how many videos you want to include in a collection.  For choosing only one, there is one style available.  The size of the thumbnail / video player in it is 320 x 180 pixels.  If you want to include 5 or more videos in a side bar there is a 5-video sidebar style.  There are also scrolling collections that allow you to embed in a sidebar and include only 5 videos (larger size dynamic thumbs).

After you have built your dynamic thumbs you can always go back to the Create tab and select a different style and preview.

Click on the Populate Tab and select videos to include in your collection.  Pay attention to the tabs across the top of this section as they define which position in the collection your video will appear.  In release 2 we will make it possible to dynamically let your change the order but for now, have a plan when you start.

You can also set your in-point of your video.  Many users prefer to see the “inside” of a video compared to the beginning, so select how many seconds in you want to begin playing your dynamic thumb(s).

If you are inserting YouTube video links you do not have to upload any content.

Click on the Publish tab to complete the creation of your dynamic thumbs.  After you preview your collection and are happy with it, then publish to the cloud.

Then copy/paste your embed code into your webpage.

If you want to change anything in your collection simply login to your InstaVid account and edit your collection.  You do not have to change your embed code in your website after you have modified your dynamic thumbs and re-published.

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