Why do I need dynamic video thumbnails?

Because users want more information on the videos they are offered to watch. No longer is an image/description enough to get a user to click thru, watch an ad (where publishers make their money) and finally, watch the video. Users are demanding insight / a preview to earn their click.  The dynamic video thumbnail is the best method for giving users what they need to make the decision to click.

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How do I create dynamic video thumbnails for my website or blog?

We built a platform to generate dynamic thumbs.  You simply decide what static thumbnails for your videos that you want to convert to dynamic, open an account and either upload your video or insert a YouTube link to your video. After saving and previewing you can then grab the embed code to add to your webpage(s). It’s just that simple.

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How are your dynamic video thumbnails better than GIFs or WEBPs

First of all, our platform-compressed videos are lighter than GIFs, reducing the cost of delivery. Secondly, our videos are real videos with audio. .Webp or .Gif files are animated images that represent, we believe, “first generation” video preview. Once preview is fully adopted, demand for real video will be required. With VP9 encoding in .Webm format, the file size for a 10-second loop is less than 300 kbps. We also hold the patent on collections of dynamic video thumbnails.

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Why do I need your platform to convert my static thumbnails to dynamic ones?

There are a number of reasons.

  1. Save time & money to implement & operate
  2. Plug & play
  3. Free for many; low cost for others
  4. Embed once; manage content online (CMS)
  5. Responsive design; various styles; custom styles available
  6. Instant-play roll-over with audio option
  7. Any feature / functionality is configurable
  8. API’s to automate insertions for enterprise clients
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What kind of flexibility do I have to ensure that the dynamic video thumbnails I generate will match my website?

We have created a fairly generic default dynamic video thumbnail style that will match any website.  The free version does not allow for any customization.  Paid versions do so please contact us so we can collaborate with you in regard to your style, feature, and functional requirements.

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Can I create dynamic video thumbnails for my YouTube videos?

Yes. You can insert the Video ID to your YouTube video and  embed your dynamic video thumbnail (mini-video preview) info your website, blog, or shopping cart. We are currently developing the insertion of other video formats, such as Vimeo, Brightcove, etc.  Ask us for more info if you are hosting your videos with a service and would like to create dynamic video thumbnails for them.

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Our Company has many videos - can you help us?

We support enterprise clients with thousands of videos through APIs that deliver links (not files) to the back-end of our platform. Dynamic video collections are embedded across your website one time and dynamic video thumbnails are rotated in and out of collections based upon requirements. Contact us for a free quote.

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How is your embed code different?

Video embed code typically represents one video.  This means that when you embed a video on a webpage and you want to change that video, you will have to remove the old video embed code and replace it with the new embed code. InstaVid’s embed code embeds a collection that is managed online in its content management system (CMS). The benefit of embedding a collection is that you never have to change the embed code in your website but instead edit the videos/image thumbnails, change order, add, delete or change your start-point of the video in your InstaVid Platform account and then publish the collection to update it in the website.  Another benefit is when there are many videos to manage, providing automation of insertions and deletions on the fly is made easy.

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Where are dynamic video thumbnails hosted?

It depends.  If you use your YouTube Video Link ID, then all the content is hosted on YouTube.  If you upload your video and thumbnail in our platform, then your dynamic video thumbnail will be hosted on the InstaVid Platform.  If you are an enterprise client then your videos are hosted on your servers and links to them will call your digital assets into your dynamic video thumbnails. Finally, if you have your videos at a specific hosting company, we can develop the code to pull your videos/thumbnails from them and insert into your collections.

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Are your scrolling collections responsive to different screen sizes?

Yes.  If you have a full-width scrolling collection embedded in your homepage, when a user views your site on a smart phone, it will narrow to revealing only one dynamic video thumbnail at a time and will allow the user to scroll forward or back.  Of course, your site must also be responsive to work with our responsive dynamic video thumbnail sets.

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What if I only embed one video at a time, here and there?

Great! Then you get to use the FREE, non-commercial option. Create an account now and generate a dynamic video thumbnail and embed it in your site, blog, or app.

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Are the dynamic video thumbnails compatible with WordPress?

Yes.  You can embed a collection into any page, column, row, etc.  Contact support if you need assistance.  We are in the process of developing a WordPress plugin, to make it even easier.

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Can I target specific keywords to add videos to collections?

Yes, the distribution model allows for targeting based on keywords, date/time, category, etc. or any other perimeter(s) you require.

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