Better Video Thumbnails?

Since video has taken the Internet by storm the image thumbnail with a video play button represents a video to watch after clicking thru. What if you, your users, could watch an excerpt before clicking? What would that affect be? It would provide insight, possibly triggering emotion, either enticing or rebuffing a user to take action. It would also increase interest if enticed proving that the click thru is more desired/committed to. Why is this good? Because anyone with a video or many videos on their website desire engagement of users to inform them. Some also want the click thru for revenue. The more click thrus to watch a video, the more likely users will remember, discover more, and ultimately buy. This is why offering users an instant sneak peek into video content before the click thru makes sense. Try our solution free for 30 days; love it, then continue on with a low monthly subscription. Take a test drive here with an example below.

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