The Platform Supporting Dynamic Video Thumbnails

When observing the instant, play-in-place video thumbnails in action, it seems like an easy build for any good HTML5 developer.  It is if you only need one or two collections.  However, its another story when you want to serve 20,000 a second.  Not only does one need a perfected user experience, but a strong delivery system from the cloud leveraging edge servers.  And then there is the provisioning system, where the collections are assembled into accounts, using meta data driven by a customer feed.  All of this takes hardware, software, and lots of ingenuity.

InstaVid’s mature tech was architected for unlimited scalability to serve the needs of enterprise clients.  It was also built to leverage video clips already available in a publisher network.  This means that deployment is simple and fast. It also means an audience can be expanded for video viewing, dramatically increasing it.

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