InstaVid’s product lineup includes several styles / methods for converting a static video thumbnail to a dynamic one, gathering more attention and click thru by users. Dynamic video thumbnails gives a user the ability to quickly browse subject matter to decide interest level and whether or not to take action.

Facebook and Twitter now offer auto-play video in their user’s news feed when a video comes into screen view as he/she moves down the feed. With this positively-received user experience, the demand for video disclosure by displaying what is in the video he/she is asked to watch is increasing. Users want to know more faster and with less effort which is driving the need for a thumbnail conversion requirement from static to dynamic, ushering in the next surge in video discovery.

Website publishers can opt for rolling video auto-play, user-initiated start and stop, or tap when selecting their dynamic video thumbnail style.  To accomplish conversion, all that is required to get set up is to select a design concept, provide video library meta data, and embed the dynamic thumbnail collection into a row(s) or column(s) in a webpage.

The process of conversion is really as easy as embedding a video.


The DIY Dynamic Video Thumbnail Generator is a way to quickly convert static thumbnails to dynamic thumbnails, and once deployed, gives website visitors quick insight into video content so that he/she can move faster and learn more in less time. Any website owner can quickly convert all of their static video thumbnails to dynamic ones, increasing stickiness and improving engagement.

Our DIY tool ingests your video, transcodes it to a smaller, lighter file, and then pushes it into your video thumbnail slots. It’s just that easy.  The cost is nominal and is offered in a subscription model starting at $19.95 per month and is based upon your bandwidth use for streaming.  Since the files are shorter and lighter, you can stream many views at this price level.


Video thumbnail conversion from static to dynamic requires more effort to set-up for a large video library, but upon completion, auto updating front-end thumbnail slots occurs from our back-ends (yours and ours) with ease.  We know that enterprise clients want to maintain control of their digital assets and therefore we work with them to collect meta data, process it, and push it to their website’s thumbnail slots.  All files are served from the publisher’s servers to its pages with instructions coming from our platform to provide dynamic thumbnails.  The cost of deployment is nominal because the bandwidth on our side is light; just data with no streaming.

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